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Building a Great Company Requires a
Clear Path


Building a Great Company Requires a
Clear Path

CEO coaching

We work with CEOs on a 1:1 basis to help them be more effective leaders and to drive better outcomes for the teams and the companies they lead.   Our typical approach is to work with the CEO on a weekly basis in focused working sessions.  Areas of assistance include a wide range of strategic, operational, organizational, leadership and governance related issues. We also work with CEOs on a "lighter touch" basis focusing on a similar range of topics but with less frequent and intensive interaction.


We provide advisory and consulting services across a broad array of business issues. Typically the projects have a specific scope and are time bound.  Examples of projects include strategy development, capital raising, diligence, partnering and business development.


We take independent board seats at companies where we believe our skills can be additive and complementary to the existing board.  Oftentimes, the companies we work with are explicitly looking to bring on a board member who is not an investor or part of management.  We see our role as optimizing for the overall success of the company while balancing the needs of all stakeholders.

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